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Wouldn’t it be great if everything held up perfectly over time? Cars would run forever, electronics would never need to be replaced, and there’d be no need to buy new pants (especially since our bodies would also be holding up perfectly….). Unfortunately, that’s just not reality – even for something as durable as asphalt.

The good news is that even if time is taking its toll on your driveway or parking lot, our team at Stripe A Lot can perform services to keep it safe and looking as good as the day it was first paved!

Do You Need Asphalt Paving Services? We Do That!

Even a perfectly-paved asphalt driveway will wear over time, causing cracks to appear, striping to fade, and uneven surfaces to develop. The asphalt driveway repair and maintenance experts at Stripe A Lot can handle any size residential driveway maintenance project — while saving you from costly resurfacing expenses.

Parking lots, driveways, roads, and walkways all start to break down over time. This can cause settling, cracks, and pot holes in surfaces you expect to be solid and consistent. All of that can be visually unappealing, but, more importantly, it can be unsafe for both people and vehicles.

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No matter if your driveway at home or your building’s parking lot has started to break down, it is better to address the issues sooner, rather than later. Left unaddressed, the problems will only grow and become more expensive to repair. You certainly want your drive or lot to look nice and be safe, but we’ll bet you’re also fine with saving money too!

Stripe A Lot is a family-owned company providing exceptional asphalt paving and repair services for the West Michigan community. We are local leaders in this industry and proud to have the best equipment so we can perform quality work for our customers. Our decades of experience help make us a one-stop shop for comprehensive asphalt care and maintenance. We are able to fix any asphalt surface and restore it back to its original condition for you!

Our company has the ability to handle all asphalt repair jobs, including patching, sealcoating and crack repairs. No matter the surface—driveways, curbs, parking lots, roads, or drains—we can get the job done for you on time. We rely on our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to provide first-class repair services. The materials we use are high-grade and we have the best application techniques so your repair project is completed on time and with the highest possible level of quality.

Your job is always important to us, and this means Joe and Nick personally oversee every project. Also, you can find comfort knowing that all work is being performed exclusively by Stripe A Lot personnel. We do not subcontract any of our work. This allows us to better manage projects and ensure you receive the quality job you deserve.

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A repair job from Stripe A Lot reduces your costs over time, while also adding life to your driveway or parking lot. Remember, it is best to have cracks and holes filled before they become eyesores and cause accidents on your property. Think it’s too late to fix all the potholes? Not when you contract us! We can fix it for you! Call us today at (616) 772-2559 for a FREE ESTIMATE and we will let you know how you can have the drive or lot you want.

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