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Identifying and Correcting Pavement Pumping

Proper drainage is critically important for creating high-quality, durable, lasting asphalt paving. But in some situations, there can be just too much water to deal with. What is Asphalt Pumping? Pumping occurs when there is so much water in the underlying layers,...

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What is Asphalt Bleeding, and How is It Corrected?

Unlike potholes or asphalt cracking, bleeding is a less well known and less reported condition of distressed asphalt pavement. However, bleeding can still present a serious hazard in many circumstances, and should be corrected when noticed. What is Asphalt Bleeding?...

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Asphalt Stripping, and What it Means For You

We recently investigated asphalt raveling, a condition where the entire surface of the asphalt comes apart entirely. Raveling is one of the single worst conditions asphalt pavement can present and the only real way to fix it is to replace the pavement. But raveling...

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Warm Mix and Hot Mix Asphalt Explained

All asphalt is a mix of different elements designed to harden and cure, forming a strong, flexible, and reliable pavement. But depending on the particular mix and temperatures used, asphalt can have significantly different properties, benefits, and installation...

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6 Different Asphalt Varieties to Know

Asphalt is one of the most flexible paving options, not only because it can bend and flex with temperature changes, but also because it can be formulated and mixed differently for different projects, giving the pavement different qualities. Here are six common asphalt...

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4 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

At Stripe A Lot of Holland, MI, we specialize in all forms of asphalt installation, repair, and replacement—including driveways. If your driveway is starting to show any of these four signs of damage, it probably means you’re due for some service to help repair the...

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5 Ways West Michigan Businesses Can Add Parking Space

When parking lots are sized correctly, they offer ample space for employees or patrons to easily park and navigate the property, without struggling or searching for open space. And if your parking lot is bursting at the seams, there are ways to try to make more of the...

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Is Your Asphalt Wearing Down Quicker Than Expected?

A clean, smooth, and well-maintained parking lot or drive can be critically important for property managers and owners, as they provide a safe environment for employees, patrons, and the general public to use. But even the best prepared asphalt doesn’t last forever,...

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