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Is Your Asphalt Wearing Down Quicker Than Expected?

by | Dec 16, 2019

A clean, smooth, and well-maintained parking lot or drive can be critically important for property managers and owners, as they provide a safe environment for employees, patrons, and the general public to use. But even the best prepared asphalt doesn’t last forever, and scheduled maintenance should be maintained over the surface’s lifespan.

But what if the pavement is wearing faster or MUCH faster than expected, endangering the investment that it represents?

Reasons Why Asphalt May Wear Down Prematurely

  • Over or under compaction of the asphalt during installation, resulting in pavement that is too loose or too brittle to perform properly
  • Poor drainage performance, allowing water to pool and degrade the pavement
  • Sub-base failure, including insufficient compaction or other issues
  • Poor installation technique
  • Heavy traffic or use by excessively heavy vehicles, accelerating regular wear and tear

The best repair strategy for each case will depend on the specific cause of the premature wear, tear, or failure. It may be necessary to add patches or adjust portions of the pavement, remove the pavement layer to make repairs, or provide a full-depth repair to address foundational issues or increase the thickness of the asphalt for greater durability and weight capacity.

Normal Pavement Lifespan

Under normal conditions, asphalt that is properly installed and supported with scheduled maintenance can easily remain in good, serviceable conditions for 25 years or more. Over the course of this lifespan, cracks will need to be patched, the asphalt will require sealcoating, and the binder will gradually degrade until the surface is completely spent.

At this point, the asphalt should be ground up, removed, and recycled, and a new paving surface put down in its place.

West Michigan’s Paving Experts

Despite the problems that may emerge, it is impressive that a well-designed and properly installed asphalt drive or parking lot can continue to serve for 2-3 decades or longer as long as it receives relatively inexpensive maintenance. However, if problems do appear, you should contact our team for high quality asphalt paving and repair services in Holland, MI.

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