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Understanding Asphalt Raveling

In our last post, we mentioned asphalt raveling, a type of asphalt disintegration. But what is asphalt raveling exactly, and what should be done about it? What is raveling? Raveling is a type of asphalt damage caused when the pavement, either entirely or in large...

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Improving Parking Lot Safety

Did you know that one in five vehicle collisions take place in parking lots? Or that 10% of all property crimes take place in parking lots or garages? The places where we park our vehicles can be surprisingly dangerous for a myriad of reasons that represent a hazard...

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Driveway Resurfacing Service in Holland, MI

Is your current driveway in pretty good shape structurally, but starting to show its age? Resurfacing may be a good option to give the surface a clean, refreshed look and smooth feel, while extending its lifespan. Affordable Driveway Resurfacing In the simplest terms,...

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5 Ways Potholes Are Harmful

Potholes are so much more than an annoyance to drivers and property owners alike. They are a direct threat to the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, and they should be carefully monitored and promptly repaired in order to keep roads, drives, and parking lots safe and...

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4 Common Asphalt Surface Repair Strategies

As asphalt pavement is used and ages, it naturally wears down and develops areas of damage, requiring routine maintenance and repair. Early on, these repairs are generally minor, consisting of relatively simple repair work like patching, crack filling, and scheduled...

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5 Steps Involved in Replacing Asphalt Pavement

When your asphalt finally wears out and routine repairs and maintenance are no longer able to provide a safe, smooth, and attractive surface, then it’s time to have that pavement replaced. At Stripe A Lot, our paving experts have the tools, equipment, and expertise to...

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How Does Hot Summer Weather Impact Your Asphalt?

Asphalt is designed to be tough, serving for decades as an effective, reliable, and low-cost parking and driving surface. Unfortunately, all asphalt goes through stages of wear and tear, much of which varies dramatically based on the seasonal conditions we...

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