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6 Different Asphalt Varieties to Know

by | Jan 30, 2020

Asphalt is one of the most flexible paving options, not only because it can bend and flex with temperature changes, but also because it can be formulated and mixed differently for different projects, giving the pavement different qualities.

Here are six common asphalt varieties to know, each with different advantages to meet different needs.

Hot Mix Asphalt

The most common type of asphalt used in the United States, Hot Mix includes aggregate materials along with a binder that is heated at high temperatures (300+ degrees F) to remove moisture and reduce overall viscosity. Hot Mix is a good all-around solution in warm conditions.

Warm Mix Asphalt

A step down in popularity, Warm Mix is produced at lower temperatures (200-250 degrees F) and cools and sets more slowly than Hot Mix. This makes Warm Mix a popular choice for overnight work or cooler, off-season paving.

Driveway Mix

A good mix for both driveways and parking lots, Driveway Mix has a very specific blend of aggregate materials designed to create a surface that looks extremely smooth while providing good light-duty durability. Driveway mix is also a generally cheaper option than other mixes.

Stabilized Base

A foundation layer that’s perfect for flexible pavement, “Stab Base” is 95-98% aggregate (chunky stone, gravel, etc.) and only 2-5% asphalt binder. When in place, Stabilized Base provides strength and stability for the other asphalt layers that go over top.

Medium Aggregate Bituminous Concrete

MACB is dark black in color and mixes ¾” stone and other small aggregates to create a fine overall consistency. It’s used between the sub-base layer and top coats of FABC (see below) due to its density and adhesion.

Fine Aggregate Bituminous Concrete

FABC is often used as a top coat for roads, parking lots, and even airport runways because of its hardness and durability. Because the aggregates used are stone dust, sand, and other tiny particles, the pavement won’t chip over time and resists cracking and other signs of damage.

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