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4 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

by | Jan 7, 2020

At Stripe A Lot of Holland, MI, we specialize in all forms of asphalt installation, repair, and replacement—including driveways. If your driveway is starting to show any of these four signs of damage, it probably means you’re due for some service to help repair the surface and prevent future deterioration.

Poor Drainage

In Michigan, we get no shortage of rain and snow melt, and if all that water isn’t properly draining from your driveway, it’s a clear sign that you have a problem. When that water sits or pools on your asphalt, it weakens or undermines the surface and can lead to pothole formation.


Potholes can have a few different causes, but what they all have in common is that they are a big headache for homeowners. Whenever a pothole forms it starts to grow, letting in more and water and ice to further break down the paving surface. Plus, they can easily do damage to your vehicle if neglected for too long, or cause accidents if you happen to trip on one.

Potholes can be filled or patched, but depending on the cause, more complete measures may be needed to address the root cause of the pothole formation.

Large Cracks

Not only do they look bad, but cracks (like potholes) are only the first stage of damage. Once they open up they let water and dirt in, allowing the crack to deepen and grow. Over asphalt’s lifespan some cracking is normal, of course, but severe cracking can indicate a deeper problem, and all cracks should be repaired from time to time with a sealcoating treatment.

Discoloration and Fading

Sun and rain exposure will both discolor your driveway over time, and this is normal. But you do want to make sure that you keep up with your scheduled maintenance and sealcoating. Not only will these treatments give you back your rich, dark driveway surface, but they’ll also lock out harmful elements to keep your pavement’s core protected.

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