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4 Reasons to Repair Your Potholes Early this Spring 

by | Mar 15, 2019

Pothole season has arrived with freezing temperatures and thick snow slowly giving way to warmer temperatures and blue skies—and revealing extensive pavement damage across West Michigan. These potholes can result from a variety of underlying causes, or simply develop as a result of age and normal wear paired with Michigan’s severe freeze / thaw cycling. 

No matter the root cause or the extent of the damage, potholes are best resolved with the help of an experienced and well-equipped professional paving company. Here are four reasons why you should trust your asphalt repair work to Stripe A Lot this spring:

1. Stop Existing Damage from Spreading

Asphalt cracks don’t remain static over time. They grow and they spread. The more damage is present, the more water can penetrate the pavement layer, weaken the base, and push outwards every time the temperature drops. Small cracks or pits are much easier to repair than deep, widespread pothole damage, so call a team with quick appointment turnaround.

2. Prevent Vehicle Damage

Even at low speeds, tires and potholes don’t mix. Falling into a dep pothole can cause automotive damage ranging from steering misalignment to tire or rim damage and the risk gets increasingly high as speed and depth increase. Given employee or customer use of your parking lot and any vehicle damage can lead to sticky legal issues as well.

3. Prevent Pedestrian Injury

Potholes aren’t just a risk to cars and trucks, they can also be dangerous to customers, family members, or employees moving on foot—and the fallout from personal injury due to facility negligence is sure to be far worse than any vehicle damage claim. Remember that a large portion of the population lives with impaired mobility and maintaining a level, easy to traverse, and obstacle-free parking surface is critically important for any property owner or manager.

4. Get A Jump on Spring Cleaning

When the snow is gone and the flowers start to bloom landscaping becomes a priority for property managers and homeowners across the state. Don’t let lingering potholes or low-quality repair work compromise your property’s visual appeal. Our professional asphalt maintenance service can provide a clean, high quality repair along with sealcoating to give your entire driveway or lot an extra layer of protection along with a smooth, uniform surface. 

Stripe A Lot is a family-owned company providing exceptional asphalt paving and repair services for the West Michigan community at large. Armed with a full suite of equipment and decades of experience using it, we’re your one-stop-shop for high quality pothole repair and all other forms of asphalt care and maintenance. Call 616-772-2559 today to schedule your appointment!

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